Kate Elizabeth Bunce

British, 1858 - 1927


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A Knight  by Kate Elizabeth Bunce
A Knight
Enthroned  by Kate Elizabeth Bunce
Melody (Musica)  by Kate Elizabeth Bunce
Melody (Musica)
The Chance Meeting  by Kate Elizabeth Bunce
The Chance Meeting
The Keepsake  by Kate Elizabeth Bunce
The Keepsake
The Minstrel  by Kate Elizabeth Bunce
The Minstrel
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Kate Elizabeth Bunce was born in Birmingham in 1856, the daugher of John Thackray Bunce, newspaper proprietor and chairman of the City Art Gallery. She was a prize-winning student at Birmingham School of Art in the 1880s. Her first works seem to have been in the direct, well-drawn manner of the Birmingham School, but she was soon drawn to the Pre-Raphaelite mode.

Bunce exhibited from 1887 to 1912 in Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and London. In 1893 she was among the artists invited to contribute to a sequence of historical pictures for Birmingham Town Hall (now lost). From 1888 an Associate of the Birmingham Society of Artists, she was also a founder-member in 1901 of the Birmingham-based Society of Painters in Tempera.

Her two best-known works Melody and The Keepsake chosen as "picture of the year" at the 1901 New Gallery, and her association with the Birmingham Arts and Crafts circle have led to Bunce's work being characterised as largely decorative, but her painting also displays strong figure drawing and moderated colour.

A devout Christian, she produced several works for churches, often in conjunction with her sister, a metalworker and watercolourist. From around 1910 she concentrated on large-scale work for church interiors in Britain and Canada. She died in 1927 in Birmingham.


The Keepsake
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A Knight, Kate Elizabeth Bunce
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