John Martin

British, 1789 - 1854


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English painter, born at Haydon Bridge, near Hexham, Northumberland. After a struggling youth in London (from 1806) as an heraldric and enamel painter, in 1812 he exhibited at the Royal Academy the first of his grandiose Biblical paintings, such as 'The Fall of Babylon' (1819), 'Belshazzar's Feast' (1821) and 'The Deluge' (1826).

The rediscovery of John Martin was launched by two refugees from Nazi Germany, Robert and Charlotte Frank, who set up as dealers in St James's, London. The paintings by Martin at the Tate Gallery were given by Charlotte in memory of her husband.

The first exhibition ever devoted solely to Martin's work was held by the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle in 1951.


The Illustrator and the Book in England from 1790 to 1914
The Plains of Heaven, John Martin
Restrike Etchings  
Sadak in Search, John Martin
Restrike Etchings  
Destroying Angel, John Martin
Restrike Etchings  
The Great Day Of Wrath, John Martin
Restrike Etchings  

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