Eugène Carrière

French, 1849 - 1906


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Moonlight  by Eugène Carrière
Portrait of Paul Gauguin  by Eugène Carrière
Portrait of Paul Gauguin
Portrait of Verlaine  by Eugène Carrière
Portrait of Verlaine
The Bride (First Communion)  by Eugène Carrière
The Bride (First Communion)
The Mothers  by Eugène Carrière
The Mothers
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French painter and engraver, whose gentle, sweet portraits and family scenes show great sensitivity and are enshrouded in an ethereal and shadowy atmosphere which is very characteristic of his style. He began his artistic training at the Fine Arts School in Paris, and first saw Turner's work during a trip to London. He was taken prisoner during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 and was sent to Germany, where he devoted himself to studying the works of Rubens, from whom he learned the exaltation of colour. Among his works, the most noteworthy ones are Maternity (1879) and The Family, which is one of the paintings that best reflects his evanescent and visionary style with figures in half-light. He painted some of the most interesting members of the Parisian intellectual scene of the times, such as Verlaine and Gauguin. He was also involved in painting decorative pieces for the interiors of the Sorbonne and the Paris Town Hall.
Source: 'Encyclopedia of Artists: Painters of the Nineteenth Century'.


Eugene Carriere: The Symbol of Creation
Eugene Carriere: Portrait Intimiste 1849-1906
Her Mother's Kiss, Eugene Carriere
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La Sortie Du Theatre, Eugene Carriere
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Maternity, Eugene Carriere
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