Albert Moore

British, 1841 - 1893


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A Bathing Place  by Albert Moore
A Bathing Place
A Decorator  by Albert Moore
A Decorator
A Garden  by Albert Moore
A Garden
A Garland  by Albert Moore
A Garland
A Musician  by Albert Moore
A Musician
A Reader  by Albert Moore
A Reader
A Revery  by Albert Moore
A Revery
A Sleeping Girl  by Albert Moore
A Sleeping Girl
A Sofa  by Albert Moore
A Sofa
A Summer Night  by Albert Moore
A Summer Night
A Venus  by Albert Moore
A Venus
A Workbasket  by Albert Moore
A Workbasket
A Yellow Room  by Albert Moore
A Yellow Room
An Idyll  by Albert Moore
An Idyll
Apples  by Albert Moore
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Moore was born in the city of York, the fourteenth child of a portrait painter, William Moore. His father taught him to paint as a child but the family moved to London after his father's death and he finished his education at Kensington Grammar School. He became a member of the Royal Academy in 1858, travelling to Rome and France in pursuit of further artistic knowledge and inspiration.

Moore's earliest commissions included designs for fabrics, wallpapers, tiles, murals and stained glass which were all clearly influenced by Pre-Raphaelite methods. Whistler admired Moore as a great English artist and they met in 1865. This marked a transition in Moore's style towards Oriental and classical motifs, associated with the Aesthetic Movement. In 1884 Moore was elected Associate of the Royal Society of Painters.


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Albert Moore
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