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How Do You Feel About BNS's DN

 if you did check out Dragon Nest's PvP, you will see a different level of intensiveness but I do understand that the greatest downfall of DN is the worsening gap of imbalance between classes.
Users of DN melee classes could execute high flexibility and accuracy, which has pretty much nullified your statement in regards of 'hard' control.
Also, you can't have action and tab-targeting altogether, those two elements are quite the opposite to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. If you have the tab-targeting of which players call it boring and less engaging, then it will reduce the action combat intensity.
Auto targeting is not an action, when all you do is smashing your keyboard, people calling it an amazing 'action' combat just because one could start off combo with ease. I pilot a Force Master in B&S, but do you honestly like it when a FM spamming their buttons regardless if they are aiming at you or not? Or when you try hard to move away but still get hit in the end because it is auto-targeted and only to pray for the RNGesus of auto evasion & block? Or Blade Master that I used to play in CN server, do anyone likes it when I rush over pressing a button and instantly appear in front of the enemy and dish out my combo?
Action, no. More of user friendly, that's all.
Nevertheless, being game is not really an excuse to not approach realism. 
I don't go hardcore fanboy mode just because it is my best game in X aspect, I did mention DN is utterly failed at balancing classes issue which caused the downfall of the game itself to Buy BNS Gold. Blade and Soul PvE raid mechanism is more interesting than DN's typical raid, but worshiping Blade and Soul's combat like the best, I've got to disagree on that, especially when it is pointed at 'action'.

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