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UFO: Robotoids Linked To Alien Invasion -- New World Order


Many people think that issues like Global Warming, Terrorism, deforestation, pollution, financial crisis and the narcotics trade are humanity's greatest challenges. However, if we, as humans, begin to listen to other views and representations, it becomes apparent that humanity's greatest challenge may be an unfolding agenda by manipulative lower dimensional aliens. Ethical Extraterrestrial contactees which include Alex Collier and independent researchers like David Icke have been warning us about alien assimilation and conquest plans. David Icke specifically refers to “robotoids” that he has met, seen, and has been told of among political elites. Such entitles were referred to in John Carpenter's film "They Live" (Film Trailer above) which focused on a human character that stumbled upon dark glasses that revealed the presence of these regressive synthetic life forms that were controlled by a collective manipulative alien intelligence.

I used to think that the rumour of “robotoids” could be true, but would not be a phenomenon that I would need to think about in my daily life until I started to encounter these apparent entities in strategic everyday jobs in our society. Robotoids are apparently artificially created beings made to look like humans . These entities have been apparently designed by manipulative alien races that Dr. Michael Salla has linked to the “Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex” of regressive beings. Whereas these beings have apparently sought to enslave humanity, Ethical Extraterrestrials view all sentient beings are entitled to free will, and are driven by values associated with empathy in their relations with each other.

Based upon reports published by David Icke and others on the subject of robotoids, it appears that “regressives” are installing these artificial life forms that are made to look human, so that when these aliens are ready to formally invade, we, as humans will have no defence in the consolidation of a "New World Order". That is because, all strategic areas of the planet would be controlled by “robotoids” that are being fed commands through an “alien supercomputer infrastructure”. Indeed, it appears that maintaining an alien and UFO cover-up has been a primary job for robotoids that are “piloted” on how to lie to us humans.

John Lash discovered these aliens at work in ancient Pagan Gnostic texts that referred to them as “archons” or “artificial man”. Dr. Salla links regressive aliens to systematized global problems. In other words, our ability as humans to avoid and deal with global problems are being frustrated by regressive aliens that are operating more and more prominently through “robotoids”. Once these “robotoids” becomes sufficiently embedded into various public Offices and private corporations, they can further expedite and carry out the agenda of the archons to de-stablize our planet Earth which will undermine the ability of humans to resist a full-out invasion of regressive aliens. David Icke suggests that redressing systematized global problems and affirming basic human rights on our planet Earth requires that we as humans unify into a collective resistance against the archons and their robotoids.

If you have personally been frustrated by "people" in strategic positions of power that seem to be very smart and at times, even charming, but seemed to lack any real empathetic concern about redressing your problem, you may have been dealing with roboitoids. As David Icke elaborates, humans who have sought to embrace a higher level dimensional consciousness. Looking into the eyes of “robotois”, you might notice a cold stare. Rather than “meet your eyes” as a normal human would, the eyes of robotoids “stare right through” a human. That is because “robotoids” have no soul like humans and exist in an artificial animated state by archons what control these entities like you would control a TV remote.

As a result of not having a soul, it's impossible to reason with robotoids on any empathetic level. For example, if you unwittingly meet one of these robotoids try to discuss with them on such topics as the destructive impacts of wars on children and other human life and the prospective animal extinctions caused by “economic growth” and other areas, these robotoids will often respond by the ranting of the same system of slogans which include “creating jobs”; “prosperity” that they have been programmed to say. The robotoids in the media will then keep repeating these slogans to normalize them with the consciousness of humans who are unaware that they are being feed regressive alien propaganda designed to pacify them as the robotoids are slid into positions of authority by regressive aliens.

“The robotoid mind has no ability to comprehend danger from the larger per­spective. It can comprehend its own possible demise, but there is no “Soul” connection. Since the robotoids do not have this con­nection, they simply intensify what ever activity they are focused upon, unless concerned for their own bodily survival.

Thus we have men in high places who are “soulless” and beyond the reach of normal rea­soning process. We speak Truth unto them as to what the conse­quences are of continuing this insane push and it does not penetrate, for the fo­cus is only intensified.” 

This seems crazy until you encounter one of these apparent entities. Talking to these entities about the “life and death” matters to you, your loves ones or communities could be facing produces similar reactions by these entities. Cold gazes followed by slogans and attempts to marginalize your concerns to the “greater good” that's prescribed by the alien agenda.

David Icke has implored us as humans to come together to deal with systematized global problem by realizing that these problems are part of a collective regressive alien agenda that is a precursor to the same clique of aliens that apparently enslaved humans during ancient Egypt. According to Alex Collier these aliens are “on their way back” as you read this article and if we, as humans don't begin to resist the robotoid “First Wave” we, as humans may never ever been free again once they arrive to fully seize Earth humans.

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