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hi , I have a famous 1873 original litho by Sophie Anderson .. size :13 1/2"x 10 3/4" .I was hoping to find this picture here but it's not listed  Maybe someone could tell me what this litho is called & what it's worth before I list it on Ebay. It's a litho of a.... young child resting his head on his hand ,sleeping ,while a kitten (cat) is licking his plate ...Litho has crazing .Bottom reads from left to right  " LITH DUPUY a PARIS PRESENTED TO THE SUBSCRIBERS TO THE CHRISTIAN UNION ENTERED ACCORDING TO THE ACT OF CONGRESS IN THE OFFICE OF THE LIBRARIANS OF CONGRESS IN THE YEAR 1873 BY J.B. FORD y NY JEHFNNE LITH.. THE LITHO IS SIGNED S. ANDERSON 1873.......I found it not in the original frame .someone cared for this litho very much because it's in excellent condition.....It's on paper now attached onto a cardboard of some kind..

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 Hi - I haven't seen this picture before. Judging by the date of 1873 it's a chromolithograph, published by the Parisian lithographer Jehenne, and it is very rare today. Jehenne created chromolithographs for Harriet Beecher-Stowe's 'Woman in Sacred History: A Series of Sketches Drawn from Scriptural, Historical, and Legendary Sources' in 1873, but I don't think this lithograph comes from that series.

Sorry but I can't give a valuation - you can try Swann Galleries or search Google for dealers who specialize in prints. Good luck!

Hi, thank you very much for a quick reply. I found the name of this painting by Anderson on the internet & it's called " An Opportune Moment"......You were a tremendous help. Thank you again. E.W.

I saw your picture (print) and description on the child sleeping resting on it's hand and thought it to be one like a couple I have been searching for. My two are:  a little girl smiling, lying down holding her necklace----and the other is : a little girl sleeping(or dead?) lying with eyes closed and hands crossed at chest holding some flowers.  These are both prints I believe called chromolithograph.  They have a bit of a sheen to them in certain areas.  On the bottoms it is printed saying "presented to subscribers of the Christian Union"--the best that I can make out. I will try to send a picture of each and would appreciated any knowledge anyone has of these?

uploaded image
Here is the 2nd one---and they are each about 10 1/2" X 12 1/4 ".
uploaded image
I actually have 3 of the chromolithographs with the girl and the flower necklace. They may have been given out by some church group many years ago. These were passed down in my mother's family. I have seen this picture (which is on stiff board) many times in small antique shops. I would doubt if they have much resale value.

I have had this print in my possession for many yrs, always thought it was of some value, but never really pursued it.  But delighted to find the name of it is "An Opportune Moment"  signed and dated S. Anderson 1873.   Mine has a frame, but not in good condition.   The print is ok condition - - -colors good.    I have a companion to it with a little girl or boy - with blond hair sitting by the table eating and a puppy jumping looks like asking feed me too.  It too is presented to subscribers of christian union.   Cannot see the artist name on this one, but looks from the same artist.   I would not call these in excellent shape, but fair to good considering the age.   I am interested in selling these and if you can give me a suggested asking price or you know of anyone interested in them please contact me.
Thank you,.

 I came across this picture at a estate sale, the picture I have is in its original frame and the condition of the picture and frame looks good for the year it was published, can you tell me where this picture originated from what country town etc..thank you.
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