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More than a display of favorite French masterpieces, Reflections and Shadows: Impressionism and 19th-Century Style focuses on fin-de-siècle (end of nineteenth century) sensibilities in both the fine and decorative arts. This permanent exhibition demonstrates the aesthetic crosscurrents influencing Impressionism and succeeding "isms" through the dawn of the twentieth-century.

Reflections and Shadows features approximately 30 paintings juxtaposed with more than 20 pieces of porcelain and stoneware produced by Britain's Minton, Doulton, and Worcester factories, France's Sèvres factory, and the Berlin Porcelain Factory.

There are intimate portraits by Renoir, Klimt, Degas, Gauguin, Pissarro, and a self-portrait by van Gogh; sun-dappled landscapes by Corot, Pissarro, Monet, and Cézanne; interior scenes by Bonnard, Vuillard, Armstrong, and Tissot; and Paris at night as depicted by Lautrec.

The influence of Japonisme is found in differing contexts, from the formal composition of a picture plain to the appropriation of motifs, and in the decorative arts, approximations of techniques including cloisonné. Japanese porcelain and prints are displayed amid works of European origin.

The stylistic movements represented embrace Revivalism, Realism and Naturalism, Post-impressionism and Symbolism, and Aestheticism. There is an unabashed adoration of décor and rich color that was not exclusive to the Victorians; this assembly of paintings and ceramics hints at the social and personal pleasures enjoyed by the European and English bourgeoisie (middle class) of the late nineteenth-century.

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Represented artists: Gustav Klimt, James Jacques-Joseph Tissot


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