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What are Art Albums?
An art album consists of a selection of pictures found on the ArtMagick website. As you browse the website you can save pictures to an art album to keep track of them. If you're creatively inclined, you could use an art album to tell a story, or illustrate a poem or song you have written. An art album can be shared with other visitors to ArtMagick, or kept private.

How do I get started?
As a first-time user, you will first need to create an ArtMagick account, and then login to ArtMagick. To create an art album, navigate to any picture detail page (see example) and you will see a drop-down box on the right hand side of the page with a list of your art albums. Select 'Create New Album' to add the picture to a new album.

Then what?
You'll be taken to your Art Album. You can either view or edit your album. To add another picture, go to another picture detail page and repeat the step above to add the picture to your art album. You can add up to 30 pictures to an album.

Viewing your Art Albums
To view your art albums, go to the 'my account' section after logging into ArtMagick. Click the link 'Manage my Art Albums' to view all the art albums you have created. Click on an album title to view your art album.

Editing your Art Album
By default, art albums are viewable only by you. If you would like to make them public (i.e. viewable by all visitors), follow the step above to view an art album, and then click on the 'Edit Album' button. The selected art album will go into Edit mode and you will be able to change the album title, add an album description and change the display mode from private to public or vice-versa. You can also edit the pictures in the album and control how much information (artist name, picture title) is displayed beneath each picture.

Totally confused?
Get in touch; a tutorial with explanatory how-to images will be available shortly.